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    Copy files to/from USB and SD

    Unfortunately, the developers haven't had time to give us the options to copy files to and from the USB / SD devices.

    To copy from external device to the SSD...

    1) Type 'file:///media' in the omnibox (address bar, for you old schoolers) and press 'enter'.

    Index of /media/
    [parent directory]
    Device 1 <---
    Device 2 <--- Your devices are listed below 'parent directory'

    2) Click the device you want to copy from

    Index of /media/Device 1/
    File 1
    File 2
    File 3

    3) Right click (double-press) on the file you want to copy and select "Save link as..."

    Defaults to downloads folder (file shelf)
    Rename if you wish, then click 'Save'

    You're done.

    To copy from 'file shelf' (SSD) to a USB or SD device...

    1) Type 'file:///home/chronos/user/Downloads/' in the omnibox.

    Index of /home/chronos/user/Downloads/'
    [parent directory]
    File 1
    File 2
    File 3

    [B]2)[B/] Right click (double press) on the file you want to copy to USB/SD and select "Save link as..."

    3) Click on 'Files' in the upper right hand corner of the file manager.

    4) Click on 'External device' in the main window of the file manager.

    5) Select your device from within the window of the file manager.

    Rename the file as you wish, and click save. Give it some time to copy...

    You're done!
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    ssd access issues. HELP!!!!!!


    I' am new to the forum and just got a chromebook.

    I' am used to using Windows so getting a liitle confused with the use of basically - IT ALL!!!

    Can anyone tell me how to access the SSD Hard Hard drive????




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