I won a chrome book from Google, I have been using it for the last week. Coming from an Apple based ecosystem, I was really enjoying the idea of the Chromebook until a few days ago when my laptop would randomly prevent me from accessing certain "apps" like Netflix and gave me a warning that it was in developer mode and Netflix could not be used. I have never been in developer mode and had been using Netflix without issue for that week. I have checked the switch and ensured it was off, I even toggled it back and forth to the off position.

I now am experiencing issues with the laptop freezing during the most minimal of tasks resulting in it crashing or restarting. This has been happening every few minutes. I get some written text on the top of the screen making mention that something is missing in human mode. I will check back with the exact verbiage.

Has anyone had similar experiences or can tell me how to resolve this, the laptop is useless with the constant crashing.